New publications

In the past few weeks, two exciting new articles have been published for which data from the Third Socialmedical Panel of Employees were used.

In his article, Adrian Loerbroks investigated how often a company integration management was implemented and which factors facilitated or hindered the implementation of a company integration management. Overall, 36.0% of the study participants received an offer of workplace integration management and 77.2% accepted the offer. The likelihood of receiving an offer of workplace integration management was higher among participants with mental impairment, cancer, or long-term sickness absence and also increased with organizational justice, neuroticism, and company size. The likelihood of accepting a workplace integration management was higher among workers with mental impairment and decreased with increasing company size.

Ibrahim Demirer’s methodologically sophisticated paper examined how multimorbidity mediated the association between social support and psychological well-being. Depending on the modeling, the mediated effect ranged from 9% to 28% of the total effect.